Fight 4 Rights

A major increase of discriminatory and racist incidents in Greece towards vulnerable segments of the population has been noted in recent years. But even more alarming is the fact that only a small fraction of these are being officially reported. This is the issue the project Fight for Rights aims to tackle. Providing a freely available confidential means to credibly report such incidents and disseminating this information to authorities will assist in mitigating the problem and raise public awareness.

This mobile software application will enable someone to report a discriminatory incident or file a complaint online and in real time if possible. Data will be categorized by nature and type of incident, then allocated on digital map. Processed data will be disseminated to local authorities and interested parties to trigger specific targeted actions in response. There will be three-month, six-month and annual reviews, promotional actions including website and social media accounts, distribution to press agencies and local authorities for further dissemination. By involving wide spread user friendly technologies, uploading evidence in realtime, geo tagging incidents, promoting civic participation, targeting peak problem areas, allowing for statistical processing and further root cause analysis, there will be flexibility to report various types of incidents by any minority member or vulnerable group member.

Fight for Rights will address discrimination types and sectors where the incidents happened. There will be categories such as racial, religious and sex discrimination as well as in which context and sector the incidents occurred; such as health, police, labor, education and services. We expect people to actively engage themselves and start participating. We expect victims to stand up & report the incidents/complaints otherwise silenced. It will enable authorities, as well as other interested parties to develop suitable action plans in their local communities, revising their policies & targeting specific problems with according corrective & preventive measures. We anticipate, in the long run, for an actual decrease of such incidents, once understood that they shall not go unnoticed or unanswered. We expect the project to enhance overall efforts to revive essential, fundamental values of a democratic multicultural modern society, which include tolerance, respect for the different, civic co-existence & protection of basic human rights. It is important to take action now, prior to even further escalation. Nothing can be accomplished without substantial civic participation.

The project strongly enhances social inclusion of vulnerable groups of society. The pilot implementation stage will target specific urban communities in three major cities across the country, including Athens, Patra and Xanthi. All three cities hold large numbers of minority group members (eg migrants, romas, women). A number of thirty (30) volunteers are to be engaged in the pilot implementation stage (20 in Athens, 7 in Patra and 3 in Xanthi). These volunteers will act as reporters, as well as advocators of the project in their local community. They will engage in promotional activities, as well as in incident screening and verification procedures. We anticipate more than 150 incidents to be reported, screened and documented by the end of this phase of the project. We expect at least 10 institutions to be actively involved in the implementation stage. We expect more than 1000 people and more than 100 institutions to be reached through promotional actions and to be communicated with the results of the project.

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